Sell ethical products that: reduce human trafficking, build a culture of life,  protect our environment, reduce exploitation


♥  For fundraising, I lower my cost and meet you in the middle because I have a heart for helping NPO’s and I believe in your mission. My primary goal is to help you continue the good work you do that helps make our community a better place.

♥  All items are competitively priced to be the same as what you would find by another manufacturer in a store.  The idea is to invite people to buy products they already use at a price they already pay, and have up to 25% of their purchase donated to your organization.  Their purchase helps the Fair Trade producers and helps your organization.

♥  We have two programs and two profit margins.  ♥  We design promotional materials for you.  ♥  We provide a personalized web page. 

♥  OPTION 1 •   YOU MANAGE  —  up to 50% margin

  • A)  Limited time frame event
  • You promote and take orders
  • You buy in bulk and distribute
  • B)  On-going sales
  • You buy in bulk
  • You keep stock on-hand for sale

♥  OPTION 2 •  WE MANAGE   —  up to 25% margin

  • A) Continual online sales
  • We manage and ship
  • We cut you a check monthly or at end of event.
  • B) On-site event
  • We set up a one day vendor booth at your location or community event
  • We sample and sell products
  • We cut you a check

I help plan: ethical craft boutiques, social justice fairs, film festivals, walks.

Social Justice events for awareness, education and fundraising.

Video of booths and racks

Click here for YouTube video 

Video for St. Bruno School fundraiser

Click here for YouTube video 

See It End It.  Human trafficking film festival

Craft Fairs that give back to you

Living Word Christian Center 2018 Christmas Boutique

Fish For Life - We take kids with special needs fishing

2018 Dana Point fundraiser

Our Lady Queen of the Angels, LA, Gift Shop 2018 Christmas Trunk Show

Obria - 2018 Wonder Woman Walk

Pregnancy Resource Center 2018 Gala

Low cost give-aways for events

St. Bruno Church

Promote social justice with Fair Trade posters, coffee and cup sleeves

Coffee + Donuts

St. Bernard School Swap Meet

In-Office Events: Archdiocese of LA- Office of Life, Justice and Peace

Curt-Pringle & Associates "Spring Forward and Give Back"

Pioneer High School Swap Meet

Fundraising Beverage Booth

Fundraising Beverage Booth

3rd  Of July Firework  Show in Orange

Benefiting Obria Medical Clinics