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  Fair Trade helps raise the standard of living by securing a fair price on the global market for all coconut products.  Fair Trade helps build schools, funds scholarships, teaches environmental sustainability, teaches organic farming, and helps build community.

  Good Hands Imports uses coconut water and coconut oil as main ingredients in most of our personal care products.


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Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs whatever you apply on it. Have you read the ingredient label on your products? Can you pronounce all the words? Do you know what all the chemicals are? If not, why are you putting them into your blood stream?

Have you used a lotion and still felt like your skin is dry? There are moisturizers in those lotions but also alcohols, acids, preservatives, sulfates and petroleum products that are drying, damaging and toxic.

Good Hands Imports beauty products contain ingredients that are: organic, non GMO, unprocessed, 100% natural, and 100% pure. Our ingredients are: plant oils, coco butter, shea butter, essential oils, candelilla wax, and distilled water. Let the goodness of nature be good to you by healing and protecting your skin.

Our lotions don’t have an infinite shelf life and last forever because they aren’t supposed to; our lotions are fresh and natural so you can appreciate the healing power of plants.