Mission Statement


Everything we choose to do affects people around us locally and globally.  Everything we purchase supports someone.

“I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you”.    Jn 15:12  NLT.

     The Christian message is to care for one another and be good steward of our planet.  Good Hands Imports provides ethical products from Fair Trade that support world wide social justice and environmental protection.  We help ethical non-profit organizations raise funds to continue their good work.  Customers can enjoy quality products knowing every purchase helps someone in need.

     Good Hands Imports aims to promote awareness of global social justice, global environmental issues and inspire personal involvement with the sale of Fair Trade products.  With personal and commercial transactions we will provide information about the needs and successes from the origin of the product.  Customers can positively impact impoverished families, producers, and communities across our planet with their purchase as well as support the charity of their choice.

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