SIGNATURE GRIND is between medium and fine which we feel offers the most flavor extraction for french press, drip, cold brew, also works in espresso and K-cup machines. 

COURSE- percolator, cold brew

FINE- espresso, Turkish


SIGNATURE ROAST is roasted to the start of the second crack which brings out a rich coffee taste with some of its unique flavor characteristics.

DARK ROAST is roasted several seconds past the second crack which develops a deep, dark and intense coffee flavor and sugar caramelization, however the unique flavor notes are sacrificed.

ESPRESSO ROAST is roasted well past the second crack which brings out a powerful smoky coffee experience.  The coffee will appear more black than brown.



Our coffee bag is compostable, biodegradable, and non-toxic; traditional coffee bags are not.  The standard coffee bag will be in landfills for 200-1000 years.

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Ntahobankiye Jeremie started farming coffee in 1975 and joined the cooperative in 2000. He was one of the first to join the cooperative, and since joining he has used his increased income to build a new home, purchase cows (for providing organic fertilizer), put solar panels on his roof, and purchase a motorcycle for transportation.

He says he used to sell to private buyers who would arbitrarily set prices. He also had to process his coffee by hand at home, and had to go searching for water to do so. He says he used to spend only 10-20% of his time actually caring for his coffee trees, and had to grow other crops because he couldn't make enough money from coffee. Now he spends all his time caring for his coffee trees, and the increased quality results in prices that sustain his income.

"I'm living better now because my coffee trees bring me money. The cooperative is there to find the market [for the coffee] and support the community, all I have to do is care for my trees. It was very hard at that time [before the cooperative]. Now if I need something I can afford it. I'm old and can't do as much, but I am living better." - Ntahobankiye Jeremie

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