Uganda, Africa.  Farmers & workers voted to use Fair Trade community development funds to build easily accessible health clinics. Previously the nearest health care was a 7km+ walk and was very expensive. The only other option in the area was a government run hospital that was 20km away that rarely had medicine available. 

 This clinic is available to the whole community, is much more affordable, and ensures basic necessities are kept in stock. The Fair Trade premium also pays for the nurses salary.

 Organic Tea

Caffeine free

18 tea bags


  He Dongzhi, 65, from Chetian, China, picks tea at the Fair Trade Certified Wucun tea gardens. She is a member of the local Fair Trade Organic Tea Farmers Association.

"We produce quality tea for consumers everywhere -- and with Fair Trade premium support, this quality benefits us as well. My nephew received scholarships from the tea farmer association to support his studies in middle and high school. This only makes me more proud to be working within the Fair Trade network and I hope to continue our cooperation."

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