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     Graciano Victor Flores Ramos, 37, from Nueva Palestina, smiles as he prepares to run recently harvested coffee cherries through the wet process that removes the skin and pulp. Graciano has been a coffee producer for 20 years and associated to Triunfo Verde since 2003.

     He states: "I joined Triunfo Verde because they have the most stable premiums. This is very important to us who make a living from this. They have also helped me with the production, such as a loan for this machine to remove the pulp. But also with other social programs, like the free doctor appointments and the medicine. These type of projects are very good for us."

     Triunfo Verde is a Fair Trade Certified association of small producers of organic coffee in Chiapas, Mexico. 



Artisan roasted, small batch coffee from San Diego county, California.

The difference between freshly roasted coffee and store bought coffee is the difference between home baked cookies and store bought cookies

Coming soon - Hot Cocoa and Mexican Hot Chocolate